Rick Gilmore is Professor of Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University. He studies the development of visual perception in infants, children, and adults using behavioral, neural imaging, and computational methods. These are described more fully on his lab website. He co-founded and co-directs the data library, co-founded the Penn State Social, Life, & Engineering Sciences Imaging Center (SLEIC), directs the Open Data and Developmental Science (ODDS) initiative through the Penn State Child Study Center, and advocates for more open, transparent, and reproducible scientific practices, especially in psychology and neuroscience.


  • Perceptual, cognitive, & brain development
  • Open science
  • Amateur radio (callsign K3ROG)
  • Poetry, music, & theatre; cycling, hiking, & camping


  • Ph.D., Psychology, 1997

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • M.S., Psychology, 1995

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • A.B. magna cum laude, Cognitive Science, 1985

    Brown University



Professor of Psychology

The Pennsylvania State University

Jul 2019 – Present Pennsylvania

Co-Principal Investigator

The Play & Learning Across a Year (PLAY) Project

Jun 2016 – Present


Jan 2013 – Present New York
Co-founded the first open data library specialized for storing, streaming, and sharing video data.

Associate Professor of Psychology

The Pennsylvania State University

Jul 2004 – Jun 2019 Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor of Psychology

The Pennsylvania State University

Jul 1997 – Jun 2004 Pennsylvania

Recent Publications

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(Hyper)active data curation: A video case study from behavioral science

Video data are uniquely suited for research reuse and for documenting research methods and findings. However, curation of video data is …

An open developmental science will be more rigorous, robust, and impactful

Developmental science poses some of the most profound problems in all of science and some of the most difficult ones. Because the …

Data sharing

Psychologists embrace the ethical imperative of protecting research participants from harm. We argue that sharing data should also be …

Finger force matching and verbal reports: Testing predictions of the iso-perceptual manifold concept

We used force matching and verbal reports of finger force to explore a prediction of the iso-perceptual manifold concept, which assumes …

Optical flow estimation combining with illumination adjustment and edge refinement in livestock {UAV} videos

The performance of optical flow estimation is affected by many factors. The impact of illumination changes and video quality …


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musings on this and that…

Deep rest

This morning I read an article in the New York Times the struggle to find motivation so many of us feel. I myself have fallen off the exercise wagon I’d jumped on a few weeks ago.

Blast from the past

A colleague reached out to me recently about a project we’d worked on years ago. The work involved a study of how adult observers categorize visual patterns that have intrinsic regularities.

This is great

Perhaps like me you suspected that the red hats did not share your view of what makes America great. We now know the depth of that disagreement. Thanks to the methodical and patriotic work of the House impeachment managers, we know in terrifying detail how much worse 1/6 might have become.

This is personal

The Trump campaign is suing Centre County where I live and serve as an election official: In State College East 3 Precinct 26, we have a longstanding tradition of helping every single voter, regardless of party affiliation.

This, I believe

I believe that Earth is the only planet our species can expect to thrive on for the imaginable future. I believe that human activities are threatening our planet’s viabilility as a home for us and for other forms of life.



PLAY project

The Play & Learning Across a Year Project

databraryapi package

An R package for interacting with the API.

An open, secure data library for sharing video.

An open source tool for video annotation.

Proximal Emotional Environment Project (PEEP)

What is the emotional environment really like?