Fourth and long

sometimes late in the 4th quarter you're down a score, out of timeouts, and it's 4th and long. on the line is your whole season or your job or your life.

Delightful delusion

oh my, yes. I oh so wanted to see a tuxedo, penguin crisp, satin shiny, pseudo-sparkle when he sauntered by us peons, clinging to such rags as misfortune left in her cloud of dust and tears.


I flare my talons and prepare to strike, but only in defense. I sharpen my beak, but only in warning. I am your presidential detail, your Secret Service. Vigilant. Committed. I seek out bullets fired in your direction by indifferent snipers and absorb their impact with joy.

Specific gravity

the call always comes too early in the morning for anything but mischief or the baker I know who's talking but not the language spoken. hand on the bannister does not steady.

I never metaphysics

it's like fireworks, dad. you said the colors and patterns come from all the minerals. their making a mutual arrangement designed to ignite and illuminate. you said the designers crafted this one boomy blue and that one sparkly-white.

Haiku 4 U

One last time, Dad says. Jason squeals ands bolts inside the mister. Slippery guy. The audacity of giant metal tin-men shames the humbler heart. What are crab cheese fries? Regular with seasoning?

Lonely cicada

Lonely cicada. Bad at math. Off by one? Damn. No choral singing.

Oh beautiful

sweet land of liberty of thee i sing the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did: unreasonable searches and seizures deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.

Food for thought

yes she cranked the handle but the meat and potato man put his heart in the grinder and no one saved the pink spaghetti strands for chili. he could have had his cake and eaten humble pie or worn it as a badge of honorable intent.

Four letter word

I strangled hope. Smug bastard annoyed me. I spring eternal; there is always room for me, he'd say (or his fanboys would moonily recite). So I grabbed his throat and fingers clenched squeezed.