(Hyper)active data curation: A video case study from behavioral science

Video data are uniquely suited for research reuse and for documenting research methods and findings. However, curation of video data is a serious hurdle for researchers in the social and behavioral sciences, where behavioral video data are obtained …

An open developmental science will be more rigorous, robust, and impactful

Developmental science poses some of the most profound problems in all of science and some of the most difficult ones. Because the answers are so important to human health and well-being, it's essential that researchers do everything possible to …

Data sharing

Psychologists embrace the ethical imperative of protecting research participants from harm. We argue that sharing data should also be considered an ethical imperative. Despite potential risks to participants’ privacy and data confidentiality, sharing …

Devilish details

I’ve found myself at odds recently with colleagues who, like me, view themselves as advocates for open science. This post attempts to clarify what I see as the crux of our disagreements.

Ethical data sharing

Identifiable data *can* be shared ethically.