They get rhythm--Who could ask for anything more? Commentary on Brakke & Pacheco, 2019

Psychology is harder than physics, and developmental psychology is harder still. The monograph by [Karen Brakke and Matheus Pacheco (2019)]( reveals some of the reasons why, and its many positive features emphasize …

AutoViDev: A computer-vision framework to enhance and accelerate research in human development

Interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and tools can accelerate scientific progress. For example, findings from developmental and vision science have spurred recent advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision. However, relatively little …

Test-driven development is hard...and important.

I’ve been developing an R package that interacts with the API and with Datavyu annotation files stored locally or on Databrary alongside shared videos. If you’re curious, you can download the databraryapi package from this GitHub repository: https://github.

Ethical data sharing

Identifiable data *can* be shared ethically.

databraryapi package

An R package for interacting with the API.

Practical solutions for sharing data and materials from psychological research

Widespread sharing of data and materials (including displays and text- and video-based descriptions of experimental procedures) will improve the reproducibility of psychological science and accelerate the pace of discovery. In this article, we …