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I know that voice! Mothers' voices influence children's perceptions of emotional intensity

The ability to interpret others’ emotions is a critical skill for children’s socioemotional functioning. While research has emphasized facial emotion expressions, children are also constantly required to interpret vocal emotion expressed at or around …

Advancing scientific integrity, transparency, and openness in child development research: Challenges and possible solutions

In 2019, the Governing Council of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) adopted a Policy on Scientific Integrity, Transparency, and Openness (SRCD, 2019a) and accompanying Author Guidelines on Scientific Integrity and Openness in Child …

They get rhythm--Who could ask for anything more? Commentary on Brakke & Pacheco, 2019

Psychology is harder than physics, and developmental psychology is harder still. The monograph by [Karen Brakke and Matheus Pacheco (2019)]( reveals some of the reasons why, and its many positive features emphasize …

Devilish details

I’ve found myself at odds recently with colleagues who, like me, view themselves as advocates for open science. This post attempts to clarify what I see as the crux of our disagreements.

PLAY project

The Play & Learning Across a Year Project

Ethical data sharing

Identifiable data *can* be shared ethically.

Practical solutions for sharing data and materials from psychological research

Widespread sharing of data and materials (including displays and text- and video-based descriptions of experimental procedures) will improve the reproducibility of psychological science and accelerate the pace of discovery. In this article, we …

An open, secure data library for sharing video.

An open source tool for video annotation.