Deep rest

This morning I read an article in the New York Times the struggle to find motivation so many of us feel. I myself have fallen off the exercise wagon I’d jumped on a few weeks ago.

Blast from the past

A colleague reached out to me recently about a project we’d worked on years ago. The work involved a study of how adult observers categorize visual patterns that have intrinsic regularities.

This is great

Perhaps like me you suspected that the red hats did not share your view of what makes America great. We now know the depth of that disagreement. Thanks to the methodical and patriotic work of the House impeachment managers, we know in terrifying detail how much worse 1/6 might have become.

This is personal

The Trump campaign is suing Centre County where I live and serve as an election official: In State College East 3 Precinct 26, we have a longstanding tradition of helping every single voter, regardless of party affiliation.

This, I believe

I believe that Earth is the only planet our species can expect to thrive on for the imaginable future. I believe that human activities are threatening our planet’s viabilility as a home for us and for other forms of life.

Don't cry for us

don’t cry for us argentina. the truth is we chose ignorance and embraced cruelty out of fear that our boasts were as empty as our heart.

Home of the meek

There is no doubt that the corona virus pandemic provides the entire world a terrifying reminder that human life and civilization is vulnerable to the whims of uncaring forces of nature.

Morse, of course

I’ve been a ham for only a few years. In that time, I’ve enjoyed sampling the hobby’s many facets. When I first heard about ham radio as a boy, the thrills were mostly about talking by voice and CW (Morse code) to stations around the world.

Seeing through the fog

I understand why Republican partisans want to confuse the public. But this is crystal clear. No candidate for elected office in the United States should ever seek or receive help from foreign countries to win an election.

What makes America great (to me)

Today I rode my bicycle to our public library (an American innovation), and walked around the corner to an Indian restaurant that is owned and operated by people of Latin American heritage.