Home of the meek

There is no doubt that the corona virus pandemic provides the entire world a terrifying reminder that human life and civilization is vulnerable to the whims of uncaring forces of nature.

Seeing through the fog

I understand why Republican partisans want to confuse the public. But this is crystal clear. No candidate for elected office in the United States should ever seek or receive help from foreign countries to win an election.

Atheist prayer

we fear the people who love their guns more than we love our children. the atheist prays every day to gods she finds incomprehensible: Remove the sticks of destruction from our arsenals and minds.

Of Donocrats and Trumpublicans

I wish it were otherwise, but I agree with Andrew Sullivan. Regardless of what the Mueller report holds, Trump has severely damaged the country and made our Nation weaker, not stronger.

April 9: A national day of reflection and reconciliation

America needs a holiday dedicated to reflecting on the many ways we have failed to meet our founding ideals. We need such a holiday to reconcile the past with our common hopes for a better future, to ‘bind up the Nation’s wounds’, as Lincoln suggested in his second inaugural address.

Ending the endless war

I find Andrew Sullivan worth reading almost all of the time even if I disagree with him. This time, I agree completely: “…I simply do not believe that the West has the knowledge, the will, or the ability to shape the extremely complicated and endlessly vicious politics of the Middle East.