ham radio

Morse, of course

I’ve been a ham for only a few years. In that time, I’ve enjoyed sampling the hobby’s many facets. When I first heard about ham radio as a boy, the thrills were mostly about talking by voice and CW (Morse code) to stations around the world.

Just do it!

Two years ago, I participated in my first Field Day as a ham. For the uninitiated, Field Day is an annual event where radio amateurs set-up radio stations in locations they would normally not operate.

If you JS8...

One thing I like about ham radio is the variety. There are new modes to try and new things to learn all the time. Most recently, I’ve been playing with the low power, weak signal JS8Call mode.


Last night, my friend Mike (N3LI) and I made our first-ever CW QSOs. In ham-speak, that means we chatted using Morse code. It wasn’t fast, and we didn’t copy each other completely.