Poets may know it

I’ve been slowly moving my poetry into position on this site. There may be scraps left in some corner of the hard drive, but the task is essentially done. There were curious and inexplicable bursts and equally unexplained lapses. Writing could be more of a habit were I more disciplined. Instead, I await the midnight muse. Something in those hours calls forth a form of loose thinking I require to write evocatively.

Burns a bridge

burns a bridge the night long, this heat retards bitterness and cold yellow-red flickers illuminate, but dimly even in that moment fleeting but wonders he later wherefore the stench and who has shut the road again. we do not swim. in motion emotion forever forward fresh, frenetic, pushed by what i know not pulled more like perhaps by gravitational force or some repulsion. the formula admits no closed form solution.

Itsy Bitsy

i wonder what it is like to swing from a rope of my own making; pulled out of my… as it were, hoping some unsuspecting fly by night nibbles on the line i’ve cast when patience is more than virtue and cunning no vice